ReBuild PVD Schools

The Goal

All of our students deserve school buildings and classrooms that are bright, inviting, and have the technology needed for 21st century learning.

The Challenge

The average age of Providence school buildings is 75 years, with many buildings over 100 years old. It’s time to invest in and upgrade our school facilities!

The Plan

Fortunately, for the first time ever, Providence Schools has over $500 million dollars to invest in modernizing our public school facilities. Our students deserve school buildings that are equipped for 21st century learning. That’s why we're making big investments in our schools and doing so in a way that maximizes the resources we have available for the number of students and families we serve. This site is a showcase for the work we've already completed and our plans going forward.

How we help you

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Investing In 21st Century Learning Environments for Our Students - The Work Is Underway!

We’re already hard at work investing in upgrading school buildings, classrooms, and learning spaces across the district. Here are just a few examples of what we mean by investing in and creating 21st century learning spaces for our students.